Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Next Steps

You can probably tell from the photos that the front steps of Benedictine Hall didn't survive the earthquake too well, especially the part of the steps that served as a "landing pad" for the turret which fell during the actual earthquake.  The steps will be replaced as part of the restoration project.  The quarry, near Carthage Missouri, that the marble originally came from has long been closed so the new steps won't be the exact stone but will be a close match to what is there now.  What other repairs will need to be made to the front entryway can't be determined until they dismantle what is there now.  No telling what mysteries will be revealed when the current marble steps are removed.  Guess we will have to wait to see what the next steps will look like.

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  1. This wonderful campus is one of my favorite places in Oklahoma. When I am most stressed I drive here from OKC and simply walk the campus. I take time to pray in the chapel which is one of the most holy places I've ever felt. It is so full of peace. I leave feeling so new and full of the power of Christ. I can not wait for the complete renewal.